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Antilipsi specializes in driving technical innovation through the lens of the user’s experiences. Our focus is in emerging interaction technologies, such as chatbots, voice assistants, gesture interaction and AR / VR technologies.

Through our deep technical expertise and understanding of user experience design, we find creative solutions to technical problems in artificial intelligence.

meet the founder

Andreea Danielescu, Founder of Antilipsi, has spent the past decade working in voice assistants, chatbots, augmented reality and gestural interfaces. She holds a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from University of Arizona and a PhD from Arizona State University. Prior to Antilipsi, she worked on Intel Real Speech, overseeing the design and development of a conversational coaching product for running and cycling in partnership with Oakley.



Best practices for developing, designing and assessing international voice products

Explore the linguistic issues, from pronunciation to international interaction, that every conversation design team should consider as they develop, design and assess voice products.

Jul. 24, 2019 / Newark, NJ, USA


Avoiding Biased Data for Ethical AIs: How diverse do we need to be?

There have been many examples of biased AI systems that have made headlines in the past year, ranging in application from hiring practices, to image classification, to sentencing in the justice system. These examples highlight the need for diversity in the data sets used to train our AI and in testing systems before they are deployed. In this talk, we discuss the importance of a diverse data set, some guidelines for how diverse our data sets need to be, and some testing strategies that can be employed along the way.

May. 10, 2019 / San Francisco, CA

Blog Post

Eschewing Gender Stereotypes in Voice Assistants

Will Non-Binary Voice Assistants Promote Inclusivity or Enter the Uncanny Valley?

Apr. 30, 2019 / Andreea D.